Ellie Photo | About
Ellie Asemani has had a passion for photography since she was a teenager.
Growing up in Iran in the historical town of Shiraz, Ellie was able to build upon her photography skills at such a young age in the surrounding gardens and historical landmarks of Shiraz with places as the beautiful Bagheh Eram and the ever so famous Persepolis.
At the age of sixteen Ellie moved to the US to continue her education abroad in the states.
Upon graduating high school Ellie was able to begin to form her dream as a professional photographer and graphic designer here in the states by being accepted at Corcoran College of Art and Design.
Ellie currently resides with her husband Ali in Northern Virginia and both work as a team to bring their clients a memorable experience for their photo shoots.
Ellie, along with her husband Ali have a team of makeup artists and fashion designers that will help you and your family creates that beautiful photo moment that you always have dreamed of.